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System 16 version

Normal Mode

FlashPoint System16 ModeSelect.png

FlashPoint System16 NormalModeGameplay.png

Normally, the game runs in "Ojama Mode" (おじゃまモード) where the player must eliminate flashing blocks to clear each level. However, an unused game mode exists and can be played using MAME cheats. To enable it, add the following cheat to MAME (this works with both fpoint and fpoint1):

<cheat desc="Unlock Mode Select Screen">
   <script state="run">

This loads a mode select screen after inserting a credit and pressing  START , where the player can select either Ojama Mode, which is highlighted by default, or "Normal Mode" (ノーマルモード). This screen also plays unused music (#90 in the sound test), which would be used for the title screen in the unreleased Sega Mega Drive version.

Normal Mode is essentially the standard gameplay style from Tetris, where the goal is to clear lines to score points and survive for as long as possible. The same scoring system from Tetris is also used in this mode. A high score table for Normal Mode exists, but is unused and requires additional cheats to partially restore it:

<cheat desc="Force Normal Mode Ranking">
   <script state="run">


Flash Point

Flash Point title screen.png

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Music: Flash Point/Bloxeed (1990)

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