Gens (Nick o'DIMM)

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Video game console emulator

System(s): Sega Mega Drive, Mega-CD, 32X
OS: Windows
Developer: St├ęphane Dallongeville (Gens), Nick o'DIMM
Programmed in: Assembly, C++
Last release date: (18 years ago)
Last version: 2.10-mk2

Gens 2.10-mk1/mk2, also known as Gens Hacking Version, is a modified version of the Sega Mega Drive emulator Gens. It was developed by Nick o'DIMM of Shedevr Team, and is based upon the 2.10 source code. Improvements over the original Gens include new filters, and the ability to search for Action Replay codes. Codes can also be found in Mega-CD games, although this emulator is unable to use them. Genesis Plus GX supports Mega-CD codes fully and Gens/GS can use them in the main 68000 address space.


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File: Gens210-mk2.7z (850 kB) (info)
Current version: 2.10-mk2 (includes source code)

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