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Mega Drive version

Hidden menu

RoboCod MD CheatMenu.png

On the title screen, press HOLD A+C+Down-leftSelect, then release the buttons after the screen has gone black. This will display a hidden menu with a level select, a sound test, and control settings.

Cheat mode

RoboCod MD CHEAT.png
RoboCod MD CHEAT2.png

In the hub world, there are five objects placed on the roof. If collected in the order cupcake, hammer, Earth, apple, tap, cheat mode will be activated and Pond will become invincible for ten minutes.

Warp to level end

RoboCod MD EndWarp.png

With the cheat mode enabled, pause the game, press A A A A, then unpause. Pond will warp to the level exit.

This code can cause issues if the level doesn't have a traditional exit (e.g. the hub level), sending the player to coordinates off-screen and soft-locking the game.

Fill up power meter

RoboCod MD POWER.png

Collecting the penguin, oil can, wine glass, Earth and racket items, in that order, will replenish Pond's power meter.

Unlimited lives

RoboCod MD LIVES.png

In the first level collect the lips, ice cream, violin, Earth and snowman items in that order to get unlimited lives.

Unused content


Audio Description
An unused victory fanfare, named "Jingle 1" in the sound test.

Game Gear version

Sega logo ™ symbol

RoboCod GG SegaLogoJP.png

While not released in Japan, code exists to remove the ™ symbol from the introductory Sega logo if the game detects it is being played on a Japanese system.


James Pond II: Codename RoboCod
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