Joystick (SJ-300)

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Joystick (SJ-300/SJ-300M)
Made for: SC-3000, SG-1000, SG-1000 II, MSX (SJ-300M), Sharp X1 (SJ-300M), PC-6001 mkII (SJ-300M)
Manufacturer: Sega
Type: Controller
Release Date RRP Code
¥3,0003,000[1] SJ-300
¥3,0003,000[1] SJ-300M

The Joystick (ジョイスティック) SJ-300 and SJ-300M are two joysticks for the SG-1000. Despite the two different model numbers, the controllers are mostly identical, with the only major cosmetic difference being the button colours. The SJ-300 has red buttons, while the SJ-300M has blue ones. In addition, the SJ-300M has a compatibility switch on the bottom so that it can be used on computers such as the MSX or Sharp X1, which have a slightly different controller pinout than the SG-1000.

Both of these controllers exist as a sturdier alternative to the SJ-200, the SG-1000's default controller which was often criticised for being unresponsive. They also acted as a joystick alternative to the SJ-150 and SJ-152.


Physical scans

SG-1000, JP (SJ-300)

SG-1000, JP (SJ-300M)

SG-1000, AU (SJ-300)
Sega Joystick SJ300 SG-1000 AU Top.jpg
Sega Joystick SJ300 SG-1000 AU Back.jpgSega Joystick SJ300 SG-1000 AU Spine.jpgSega Joystick SJ300 SG-1000 AU Front.jpgSega Joystick SJ300 SG-1000 AU Spine2.jpg
Sega Joystick SJ300 SG-1000 AU Bottom.jpg

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