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SG-1000 II
Manufacturer: Sega
Release Date RRP Code
¥15,00015,000[1] SG-1000II

The SG-1000 II is an updated model of the SG-1000 video game console released by Sega in 1984. It is internally identical to the original SG-1000, but sports a new outer design. In contrast to the original SG-1000, which featured a hardwired joystick controller with an optional extra controller port, the SG-1000 II features two detachable joypad controllers.

It was succeeded by the Sega Mark III, which significantly upgraded the hardware (including the VDP and RAM) and changed the controller to use a more intuitive D-pad design similar to the Famicom.


Like the original SG-1000, the SG-1000 II runs all SC-3000 games and applications, with the exception of Music and Basic Cartridges. The expansion port has been moved to the front (as it is only used by the SK-1100 add-on), and rather than hardwiring the first controller, it is detachable like the second. The SG-1000 II also shipped with updated SJ-150 controllers, which can be housed on the sides of the console, a design concept inspired by Nintendo's Famicom. Controllers are plugged into the rear of the unit.

The succeeding Sega Mark III would feature an outer design similar to the SG-1000 II, but with a few differences such as the addition of a card slot in front of the cartridge slot and different placements for the controller ports and power switch.


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Technical specifications

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As the system failed to deliver any meaningful improvements for the Japanese public, the SG-1000 II, like its predecessor, faced stiff competition from Nintendo's Famicom and failed to pick up much steam in that region. It was not released in as many regions as the original SG-1000 - most would jump ahead to the Sega Master System.

Aaronix distributed the console in Taiwan starting in 1986. Aaronix produced their own software with this console in mind, often converting games from the MSX (potentially with a license to do so). At least three revisions of the console are known to exist, one without the expansion port.[2]


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