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Masami Ishikawa
Employment history:
Sega of Japan (1979 – )
Role(s): Engineer

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Masami Ishikawa (石川 雅美) is a Japanese engineer and developer. He joined Sega in 1979, initially becoming a part of the Sega Production and Engineering Department for amusement machine engineering.[1] He then moved to the home console R&D division, developing all major consoles released by the company in the 80s and playing a crucial role in the design of the Mega Drive.[2]

The early 1990s saw Ishikawa return to amusement development, re-joining what had now became Sega AM4.[3] Despite continuing to accumulate considerable experience in successful products and hardware; he did not take higher profile positions alongside his former colleagues, instead tending to stay behind the scenes and develop arcade boards including the Sega Titan Video and Hikaru.[4]

He remained as a veteran of Sega R&D up to the late 2010s, briefly moving from AM4/Mechatro successor Product R&D to the short-lived N. Pro. R&D team[5] and participating in interviews concerning his work on the Mega Drive in Sega Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works and Famitsu.[6]

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