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Jumpin' Jack Software
Founded: 1994
Defunct: 199x
Headquarters: Novato, California, USA

Jumpin' Jack Software, Inc., located in Novato, Ca, was founded in 1994 and focuses on producing state-of-the-art software titles for the entertainment and educational markets. Our development expertise spans platforms to include Windows, Macintosh, Sega Saturn, and SONY PlayStation.


  • Richard Antaki -- Art Director

With a BFA from Berkely, Richard has worked on voice direction and art for Star Control II and product design and artwork for Electronic Arts and Accolade. At Jumpin' Jack, Richard is an Art Director with his work appearing in both CONGO , Ghen War, and DinoMight Baseball!

  • Scott Barrett -- Webmaster and Network Specialist

Scott is attending a local community college majoring in computer science and has been involved in computers as far back as he can remember. He got started creating web pages when he did the 1995 Marin County Fair Page and is now a studying programmer and systems admin here at work and in his spare time. Scott is responsible for the creation and maintanance of the Jumpin' Jack web site and the operation of our internal network.

  • Lawrence Berkin -- President and Internal Producer

Larry has held senior positions in Product Development and Marketing Management at Brøderbund Software, Island Graphics Corporation and his own start-up software company, Think Educational Software. Over the last ten years he has developed software that spans the educational, personal productivity and desktop publishing markets, and has been responsible for the development of over 10 software titles.

  • Robert Leyland -- Programmer

With a BS (Math/CS) from Auckland University, Robert's first game, Dragon's Eye was a smashing success. From there he has worked on many projects including paint packages for Island Graphics, Game Genie, SEGA, StarControl, and Toejam & Earl. At Jumpin' Jack, Robert built the terrain technology used in Ghen War and CONGO and was a designer on both projects.

  • Steve Scholl -- Programmer

Steve has a BS in EE/CS from UC Berkeley. He worked as a senior programmer, project leader, and project manager for GeoWorks from 1986-1994 and has worked on many fun games for pen based computers. At Jumpin' Jack Steve was responsible for the AI and level design in CONGO and Ghen War (both for SEGA Saturn).

  • Brad Van Tighem -- Programmer

With a BS in EE and an MS in EE Brad has created image processing software for NASA Ames Research Center and Island Graphics. Brad ported Star Control II to the 3DO and at Jumpin' Jack he contributed programming and level design support to Ghen War, and was Lead Programmer and design on DinoMight Baseball!

  • Eric Wilder -- Illustrator

Eric, a native American Indian (Kashia Pomo), is a top notch Illustrator and 2D Animator whose art has appeared in various comic books. He was the lead animator for DinoMight Baseball.




  • DinoMight Baseball (NA Publisher: Microforum) (1997)