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KanColle Arcade
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Nu
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Arcade (Nu)
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KanColle Arcade (艦これアーケード) is an arcade adaptation of the web-based Free-to-Play game Kantai Collection (艦隊これくしょん), also known as KanColle. The game was repeatedly postponed several times from first announcement in February 2015.


KanColle is about organizing fleetships, that are represented as girls, to fight various enemies. The arcade version is an envolved version of the game, with actual physical cards. The cabinet has naval themed controls in the wheel and throttle, as well as a button to fire.

As you play the game you get more and more ships to build your fleet, and also build as you get more resources to build your ships. The ships are divided into multiple types such as Destroyer, Battleships and Aircraft Carriers, and you equip different weapons such as torpedoes or short range rapid fire guns. You also have stats for each ship such as how well they can traverse the sea and take down enemies and collect resources. You go through different missions and setting up the right fleet with the right formation is how to clear the mission in the best possible way. The game starts deploying the ships and then start traveling the vague paths that you set them to, based on hints on the map. The battle is all but determined on how well you format your troops, use the right ships, and also have have the right timing. After battle, you get more points to customize your ship and weapons, as well as equip items to use on battle.


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