Keiichi Matsunami

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Keiichi Matsunami
Place of birth: Kobe, Japan[1]
Employment history:
Video System
Media Design & Art
Sega-AM2 (2002[2] – )
Sega ( – 2023-10-31[3])
Role(s): Director

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Keiichi Matsunami (松並 桂一) is a director and planner at Sega. He previously worked for the companies Media Design & Art and Video System, but has worked for Sega since 2002.[2]


Keiichi Matsunami and other members of Video System worked on the game 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker with Sega AM2. Matsunami would officially join AM2 in 2002 for the sequel The King of Route 66 and go on to direct the various versions of Quest of D.

In 2006 he directed his first rhythm game, an arcade adaptation of Nintendo's Rhythm Tengoku. Shortly after Sega Racing Classic in 2009, he directed Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade, based on the original rhythm game by Sega CS3 and Dingo, and would continue to work on the series for over 10 years (2010~2022), spanning arcades, home/handheld consoles and PC. During this period, the only game he worked on outside of Project DIVA was KanColle Arcade.

He announced his retirement from Sega on October 31, 2023.[3]

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