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Mega Drive version

Sound test

Lemmings MD SoundTest.png

Activate patch code 000698:1522 (NTSC-J/NTSC-U) or 000698:1546 (PAL), then select Password at the title screen. To use the sound test, press Left and Right to choose a Sound Bank, Up and Down to choose a Sound Code, B or C to play the selected sound, and Start to exit to the Sega logo.[1]

Master System / Game Gear version

Level select

Lemmings SMS LevelSelect.png
Lemmings GG LevelSelect.png
As one of the Lemmings pulls the Sega logo onto the screen, press
1 + 2
Left Right Up Down Left Right
. A sound will confirm correct entry. At the main menu, choose a difficulty level, then choose NEW GAME to go to the level select screen (which also features a few hidden developer credits) for the selected difficulty level. Press Left and Right to toggle to level to play, and 2 to select it. Finally, choose 1 PLAYER at the main menu to go to the selected stage.[2]


Lemmings Title.png

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