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Practice mode skill select mistake

Lemmings2 MD PracticeSkillSelect.png

The Mega Drive version lists the Jumper skill twice on the skill select screen for Practice mode - at the beginning of the first row and at the end of the third row. The only skill that is missing as a result of this is the Blocker skill, and consequently that skill is unusable in Practice mode.

Not fixed in any version.

Unusable skill

Lemmings2 MD PolarTribe.png

Console versions of Lemmings 2 are known to have cut some skills from the game for reasons unknown. For some strange reason, the Mega Drive version has all 51 skills available, but only one of them, the Skier, is not fully coded. The player is given 35 of this skill only in the fourth Polar tribe level, but assigning it to a Lemming has no effect other than decreasing the stock number. Its icon is displayed here:

Lemmings2 MD Sprite Skills.png

Not fixed in any version.


Lemmings 2: The Tribes

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