Martin Bromley

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MartinBromley 1965.jpg
Martin Bromley
Date of birth: 1919-08-08[1]
Date of death: 2008-09-07[2] (age 89)
Role(s): Executive

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Martin Jerome Bromberg[3][4][5][6], known as Martin Jerome Bromley from 1947 (having anglicised his name[7]), was one of the three original founders of Service Games[8][9][10][11] and acted as the business head for the company prior to merging with Rosen Enterprises in 1965.

He was born to Jeanette[12][13] and Irving Bromberg on August 8, 1919, in New York, graduated from high school, went to work with his father in coin-operated amusements at Standard Games and was inducted into the Navy during World War II but was placed on inactive duty because of his employment in the shipyard at Pearl Harbor.

Personal life

Honolulu police files indicate Bromley was arrested in 1948 for robbery[14][9][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22]. Bromley had one conviction for illegal possession of gambling devices in San Francisco in 1947[23][24]. Bromley has a daughter, Lauran Bromley.[1]


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