Masanori Hikichi

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Masanori Hikichi
Place of birth: Saitama, Japan
Date of birth: 1969-10-30 (age 54)
Employment history:
Role(s): Musician

Masanori "Hiki" Hikichi (曳地 正則) is a former employee of Cube that worked on Sega titles during the Mega Drive era. He later joined both Quintet Co., Ltd. (1995-1998) and Shade, Inc. to create music and sound effects for Saturn and PSX titles. More recently, he composed the music for Bullet Girls in 2014, and later its sequel in 2016.

Production history

Song credits

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Galaxy Force II (Mega Drive Version)

  • Start — Arrangement
  • Scene Select — Arrangement
  • Beyond the Galaxy [Scene A] — Arrangement
  • Defeat [Scene B] — Arrangement
  • Take Back [Scene C] — Arrangement
  • Alone Fighter [Scene D] — Arrangement
  • TRY-Z [Scene E] — Arrangement
  • Stage Clear — Arrangement
  • Name Entry — Arrangement
  • Ending — Music & Arrangement