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Mega Selection II
Record label: Pony Canyon, Scitron
Artist: S.S.T. Band
Composer: Hiro, R Saburo, Funky K.H, HARRIER, Yasuhiro Takagi, Dolphin, Bluetz Lee
Arranger: S.S.T. Band, Issei Noro
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥2,500 PCCB-00077

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Mega Selection II (メガセレクション II) is an album by S.S.T. Band containing music from a number of Sega arcade games, namely Super Hang-On, G-LOC: Air Battle, Turbo OutRun, GP Rider, Golden Axe, Vermillion, Power Drift and Bonanza Bros.. All these tracks were previously released on previous albums; Hyper Drive, S.S.T. Band Live, Zuntata vs. S.S.T. Band, and Formula with the exception of "Earth Frame G (Rhythm Retake Remix)", "Turbo OutRun Medley" and "Bonanza Bros, Medley."

A lineage chart is included, chronicling the founding of the bands from Sega's in-house sound staff and all the members involved in its albums and live performances since then.

Track list

1. Sprinter (4:18)
From: Super Hang On

2. Belldeer Wind (3:48)

3. Air Battle (3:19)
From: G-LOC

4. Earth Frame G (Rhythm Retake Remix) (3:36)
From: G-LOC R360

5. Turbo OutRun Medley (4:32)
From: Turbo OutRun

6. Time Attack (4:55)
From: GP Rider

7. Wilderness (4:36)
From: Golden Axe

8. Sword of Vermilion (Live Version) (4:15)
From: Vermilion

9. Power Drift Medley (Live Version) (9:46)
From: Power Drift

10. Bonanza Bros. Medley (3:39)
From: Bonanza Bros.
Running time: 46:44

Physical scans

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