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Scitron logo.png
Founded: 1986
Defunct: 2006
Merged into: Happinet (2004)
Headquarters: Japan

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Scitron (サイトロン) was a record label jointly established in May 1988 by music company Scitron & Art and Pony Canyon. Similar to G.M.O. Records, it was one of the first record labels to specify in video game music (and video).

Scitron existed as a label until the early 1990s, when it was absorbed into Scitron & Art. In 2001, Scitron & Art changed its name to Scitron Digital Contents (or Scitron Digital Content), and in 2004 they were acquired by Happinet. Scitron Digital Contents continued to operate until 2006, when Happinet absorbed the brand entirely.

Softography (as Scitron & Art)