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MegaSelection Music JP Box Front.jpg
Mega Selection
Format(s): Compact Cassette, CD
Publisher: Pony Canyon
Record label: Scitron
Artist: S.S.T. Band
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Cassette
¥2,427 (2,500)2,500i PCTB-00003
Compact Disc
¥2,5002,500 PCCB-00014

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Mega Selection (メガセレクション) is an album containing remixed music from a number of Sega arcade games, performed by S.S.T. Band. It was released on both CD and compact cassette in 1989, and was later followed by Mega Selection II.

Represented games include After Burner, Power Drift, Galaxy Force, Space Harrier, Space Harrier II, Fantasy Zone and OutRun. All these tracks were previously released on previous albums; Galaxy Force, Power Drift & Mega Drive and Super Sonic Team with the exception of "Opa-Opa!"

Track list

1. After Burner (6:12) 
From: After Burner
2. Like the Wind (4:16) 
From: Power Drift
3. Beyond the Galaxy (4:26) 
From: Galaxy Force
4. Space Harrier Main Theme (5:01) 
From: Space Harrier
5. A Legend of Harrier (4:33) 
From: Space Harrier II
6. Opa-Opa! (3:40) 
From: Fantasy Zone
  • Engineered by: Hiroki Muraoka
  • Assistant Engineered by: Koh-Ichi Homma
  • Recorded at Light Studio, Oct. 1989
7. Splash Wave (5:19) 
From: OutRun
8. Final Take Off (4:20) 
From: After Burner
9. Defeat (4:39) 
From: Galaxy Force
10. Magical Sound Shower (5:01) 
From: OutRun
Running time: 47:27

Production credits

  • Produced by: Yoshihiro Ohno for SCITRON&ART INC.
  • Directed by: Takashi Okamoto for SCITRON&ART INC.
  • All Music Composed & Performed by: S.S.T. Band
  • Mastering Engineered by: Kazumi Nakayama
  • Creative Director: Haruki Tahara (WARP)
  • Design: Rice
  • Special Thanks to: SEGA SUPER ADVERTISER
  • Executive Producer: Kazusuke Obi for SCITRON&ART INC.

Physical scans

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Reg Card
Cassette, JP
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