Michio Okasaka

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Michio Okasaka
Place of birth: Japan
Company(ies): Sunsoft, Santaclaus

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Michio Okasaka (岡坂道夫) is a Japanese programmer, former Sunsoft employee, and founder of video game developer Santaclaus.[1]


In December 1994, Michio Okasaka broke off from Sunsoft and established his own video game developer, Santaclaus, which exclusively developed games for its previous employer. Taking its name from the traditional Christmas legend of Santa Claus, Santaclaus aims to use video games as a means to "give dreams, like a true Santa Claus."[1] The company remains in business to this day, planning and developing games for Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, and mobile phones.


We are creating "what we want" and "what we find interesting".

If people who play with the software created with such thoughts find it interesting or like it I'm very happy about that, and I'm sure there was a connection.

"I want to communicate with people who have the same values."

"I want to create a community and a space for discussion"

With that in mind, I launched the homepage. Such time and space give us the "courage" and "creativity" to continue to create. And it produces even better works, I think it will circulate in a harmonious state as a whole.

"Santa Claus" is really more than an organization It may be "an environment where we can honestly create what we think is good". In other words, it is only when there are three things: us, the people who play, and the place to connect them. I think you can call it "Santa Claus".

I hope the people who touched the software will be happy and happy even a little. And it would be great if it eventually became our business.

I would like to continue to give dreams like a true "Santa Claus". Thank you very much.

Santaclaus founder Michio Okasaka (岡坂道夫)[2]

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