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Mirrorsoft logo.png
Defunct: 1991-12
Merged into: Acclaim Entertainment (1991)
Headquarters: United Kingdom

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Mirrorsoft was a video game software publisher headquartered in the United Kingdom, owned by Mirror Group Newspapers.

It was founded as a publisher of educational software before moving into games. Mirrorsoft's most famous (and infamous) product was Tetris, the computer rights to which were acquired in a series of complicated licensing issues. All of Mirrorsoft's Sega games were published either through their publishing labels Arena and Image Works.

Due to financial troubles at Mirror Group in the latter half of 1991, Mirrorsoft ceased trading in December, when its assets were bought by Acclaim Entertainment. The Image Works brand survived for a short period of time (a small handful of its titles being re-published by Virgin Games in the latter half of 1992), while Arena was maintained until 1994 after which everything was merged under a single Acclaim brand.


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