Morphs: Flashback 2

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Morphs: Flashback 2
System(s): Sega Mega-CD
Developer: Delphine Software International
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1

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Morphs: Flashback 2 was a planned sequel to Flashback for the Sega Mega-CD[1]. Delphine Software International wrote up a script and artist Thierry Levastre drew some preliminary graphics, but the project was shelved after three or four months development[1] - before it was officially announced.

Morphs would have played similarly to the first game, though would have allowed Conrad to pilot a mech suit. The cinematics were set to be produced with Delphine's DPoly program, similar to the first game (and Another World).

Delphine Softtware subsequently moved on to other projects (starting with Shaq Fu) before revisiting the idea some months later. Their result was the PC and PlayStation game, Fade to Black, which although shares a similar story, is presented as an entirely 3D game versus the 2D rotoscoped style planned for Morphs. The next game in the series, Flashback Legend, was under development for the Game Boy Advance handheld, but was never finished due to Delphine Software's closure.


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