Motohiko Higashiguchi

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Motohiko Higashiguchi
Employment history:
Role(s): Engineer
Education: Waseda University[4]

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Motohiko Higashiguchi (東口 元彦) is a Japanese engineer. He joined Sega in 1995 after graduating from Waseda University,[4] and has since worked in mechanical and product design at AM4, Mechatro, and Product R&D.[1] Early games he worked on, alongside credited examples such as Sky Target and Manx TT Super Bike, included Indy 500 and Sega Ski Super G.[1]

After the success of these titles, Higashiguchi has most often led design on deluxe and super deluxe cabinet versions of games. Whilst in charge of design on the deluxe The Lost World: Jurassic Park machine, Shinichi Ogasawara is said to have thought of him as having the best personality in AM4.[1]

Patents assigned to his name suggest he designed The House of the Dead 4 Special and super deluxe cabinet of After Burner Climax during the 2000s,[5] and Facebook posts by his account imply he was also involved with Rec Check Golf, Nail Puri, and The World of Three Kingdoms in the 2010s.[6]

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