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Fat players

NFLQBC2000 DC FatPlayers.png

Enter mrshmllw as a password.

Thin players

NFLQBC2000 DC ThinPlayers.png

Enter tthpck as a password.

Big ball

NFLQBC2000 DC BigBall.png

Enter bchbll as a password.

Smoking ball

NFLQBC2000 DC SmokingBall.png

Enter hsnfr as a password. This makes the ball emit smoke.

"Bouncy mode"

Enter flbbr as a password. This will make the ball more bouncy.

More fumbles

Enter bttrfngrs as a password.

Slow motion

Enter frrstgmp as a password.

Unknown codes

hsptl and bgmny are recognised as passwords but may not do anything in the Dreamcast version(?).


NFL Quarterback Club 2000

NFLQBC2000 title.png

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