NHL Open Ice: 2 on 2 Challenge

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NHL Open Ice: 2 on 2 Challenge
System(s): Saturn[1]
Publisher: GT Interactive Software[1]
Licensor: National Hockey League
Original system(s): Arcade
Developer(s) of original games: Midway Games
Planned release date(s): 1996-08[1], 1997-03-28[2], 1998[3]
Genre: Sports[1]

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NHL Open Ice: 2 on 2 Challenge was a planned Sega Saturn port of the 1995 arcade game of the same name. First set to be published by GT Interactive Software in August 1996[1], it would have its release date pushed back as far as 1998[3] before quietly disappearing from lists of upcoming games.


While the game's Saturn port would go unreleased, a PlayStation version (developed by Avalanche Software) would end up seeing a home release in December 1996.

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