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Naohiro Warama
Employment history:
Sega (?? – 2024[2])
Role(s): Designer, Programmer

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Naohiro Warama (藁間 直弘), also known as Taro Shizuoka (and Shizuoka Taro), joined Sega as a character designer, best-known for his work on The Revenge of Shinobi[3][4] but later also became a programmer[5]. He then went into technical support and PC software development[6]. He was the manager of the Technical Research Department of Smilebit, developing in-house game engines, libraries and conducting research on new technologies they could use to improve development[6]. He migrated to Amusement Vision in 2003, first as a supervisor for Spikeout: Battle Street, and has since worked on the Yakuza franchise, sometimes directly involved with game development, but most often programming the main libraries and physics engines[7].

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