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Obsidian PC US title.jpeg

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System(s): Windows PC, Mac OS 7.5[1]
Publisher: SegaSoft
Genre: Adventure

Number of players: 1
Release Date RRP Code
Windows PC
$49.9949.99[2] 11008
ESRB: Kids to Adults
Windows PC
$49.9949.99[2] 13008
ESRB: Kids to Adults

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Obsidian is a Windows and Mac OS graphic adventure game developed by Rocket Science Games[4] and published exclusively in North America by SegaSoft in 1996.[5]


You arrive, a stranger in a strange land. Confused. disoriented, you make your way through the twisted, surreal world in search of your partner, Max. All you carry with you is the knowledge you've grown to accept as the truth. But you're about to discover that what the truth is depends on what world you're in. And in this world, things don't necessarily work the way they re supposed to. In this world, the characters don't exactly do what you might expect them to. In this world, the laws of physics have somehow become contorted, what is up and what is down is merely a matter of opinion. Here, after every perplexing puzzle you solve, another lurks around the corner. And as you unravel each elusive mystery, an even bigger one begins to unfold. The question is, will you put together all the pieces of the puzzle and make the right choice when the time comes.

US box[6]


Obsidian is a graphic adventure that blends an intriguing story, challenging puzzles, and prerendered graphics. In this nonlinear adventure, players travel through five dreamlike realms. More than 50 hours of gameplay unfold as players discover information and unlock clues by solving more than 25 original, integrated puzzles.[7]



On August 28, 2023, the game was rereleased on Steam by Zoom Platform Media.[8]

Production credits

  • Studio Creative Director: Bill Davis
  • Producer: Matthew Fassberg
  • Interactive Story & Design: Adam Wolff, Howard Cushnir, Scott Kim
  • Project Creative Director: Adam Wolff
  • Lead Engineer: Andrew Rostaing
  • Production Supervisor: Tom Laskawy
  • Engineering: Laurance Courdier, Barry Gear, Bruce Gottlieb, Charlie Koehl, Andrew Rostaing
  • CG Supervisor: Chris Hamilton
  • Art Direction: Alex Laurant, Roy Forge Smith
  • Inspired by the Concepts and Artwork of: Rich Cohen, Mark Sullivan, David Dodge
  • Production Design: Honza Konopasek, Mark Nonnenmacher, Jay Shuster
  • Additional Production: Design Erik Stanton Chan, Cliff Iwai, David Gordon
  • Character Design: Rich Cohen, Mark Sullivan
  • 3D Modeling: Eric Chan, Brian Chee, Wade Childress, Rich Cohen, Honza Konopasek, Mark Nonnenmacher
  • Additional Modeling: George Chang, Zygote Media Group
  • Digital Video Artists: Chris Johnson, Richard Young
  • Painters: Alan Sonneman, Nicole McMath, Mark Nonnenmacher, Brian Flora, Sara Simon
  • 3D Animators: David Brandt, Richard McBride, Etienne Jumelin, Greg Gladstone, Kathy O'Keefe, Mark Powers
  • Additional Animation: Jong Yuk, Gary Siela, Erik Stanton Chan, Cordt Holland, Eli Delia
  • Digital Compositors: Wade Childress, Chris Green, Jance Allen, David Dodge, David Hoggan, Colin Miller, Joel Hornsby, Richard McBride, Josh Ferguson
  • Interface Design: Robert Gagnon
  • File Puzzle Illustrations: All-Star Pictures
  • Stock Footage: Energy Productions Inc., Archive Films Inc.
  • An Extra Special Thanks to: Bryn Dyment, mFactory
  • Asset Coordinators: Josh Ferguson, Heather Field
  • Asset Processing: Deb Asch, Pam Fusco, Gina Trbovich
  • QA Manager: Tony Ciarrocchi
  • QA Lead/Abraxas: Billy Davis
  • QA Assistant Lead/Labyrinth: Ivan Foong
  • Bismuth QA Lead: Heather Meigs
  • Forest QA Lead: William Sudderth
  • Conductor QA Lead: David B. Schultz
  • QA Technicians: Rich Montgomery, Jim Chan, Jamal Jennings, Benjamin Davis, Sean McGrath, Roy Oakes, Leah Beth Tomanek, Eric Moser
  • Casting: Meryl Shaw
  • Cast - Max: Peter Callender
  • Cast - Lilah: Emilie Talbot
  • Cast - Young Max: Ken Love
  • Cast - Conductor Voice: Susan Jerome
  • Cast - School Teacher: Robin Fernandez
  • Cast - Vidbots: Wade Childress, Howard Cushnir, Jym Dingler, Matthew Fassberg, Heather Field, Pam Fusco, J. S. Gilbert, Scott Kim, Peggy Koorhan, Tom Laskawy, Blake Leyh, Lani Minella, Veronica O'Donovan, Andrew Rostaing, Roy Forge Smith, Gina Trbovich, Adam Wolff
  • Director of Production Services: Susanna Richards
  • Director of Game Engineering: Evan Robinson
  • Blue Screen Stages Provided by: Golden Gate Studios, Pacific Video Resources
  • Masseuse: Erica Essner
  • Manual: Sara Reeder
  • Special Thanks to: Ay Chilhuahua, Darren Atherton, Peter Barrett, Richard Booroojian, Hugh Bowen, Mark Brutten, Greg Butler, Cathy Callahan, Sean Callahan, Aaron Callanta, Sue Clark, Ron Cobb, David Chang, D. Michael Edgar, Paul Gluck, James Hampton, Edward Harp, Tom Hays, Kim Hilquist, Daniel Irish, Julie Jaros, Jill Keith, Ryan Kellogg, Vicki Knapp, Lee Kramer, Mark Krueger, Lee Montgomery, Desmond Mullen, Mark Mullen, Tony Myles, David Nakabayashi, Molly Naughton, Leah Nelson, Jim Noonan, Mike O'Donnell, Veronica O'Donovan, William Opdyke, Greg Orr, J. Patton, Pepitos Parrilla, Pier 40, Primo Patio, MeMe Rasmussen, Sara Reeder, Stephen Rodriguez, Tony Ruffo, Bob Salera, Keith Schaefer, Dave Siegel, South Beach Cafe, TC's Cafe, David Theurer, Karen Toronjo, U.S. Park Service, Rob Vedovi, Jeffrey Ventrella, Josh Viers, Jim Wickett, Brandy Wilson
  • Special, Special Thanks to (for keeping the lights on for 3 years): Steve Blank
  • Extra Special Thanks to: Imperial Bank, SegaSoft, Mondadori
  • Extra Special Thanks to our Venture Capitalists: Merill Pickard, Anderson, Eyre & Mohr, Davidow Ventures III
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Physical scans

PC version

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Disc 1
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Disc 2
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Disc 3
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Disc 4
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Disc 5
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Jewel Case
PC, US (alt)
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Obsidian Mac US jback.jpgObsidian Mac US manual.pdf
Jewel Case

Mac version

Mac, US
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