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Pet * Sega (プチ*セガ) was a portal for J-Sky users which allowed subscribers to download Java-based games. It was opened in March 2002 and was updated until mid-2007.

An EZweb version opened on 5th December 2002[1]. This version lasted slightly longer, going into 2009, but releases in the latter years were sporadic.

List of games

J-Sky (50KB)

J-Sky (100KB)

Vodafone Live! (256KB)

EZweb (Java Phase 2/2.5)

EZweb (Java Phase 3)

EZweb (BREW 2.0)

EZweb (BREW 2.1)

EZweb (BREW 3.1)

EZweb (BREW 4.0)



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