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Video game console emulator

System(s): Sega Mega Drive, Mega-CD, 32X
OS: Pocket PC, Symbian OS, UIQ, GP2X, Gizmondo, Pandora, PlayStation Portable, RISC OS
Developer: Dave, notaz; Neil Davis (Symbian OS); Adrian Lees, Jeffrey Lee (RISC OS)
Programmed in: Assembly (ARM); C (Windows, PlayStation Portable)
Last release date: (10 years ago)
Last version: 1.91 (Pandora); 1.56 (GP2X)
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PicoDrive is a Sega Mega Drive emulator programmed by Dave (author of DGen), and later notaz. It originally started as a Mega Drive emulator for ARM-based Pocket PC devices, and used the Cyclone 68000 CPU core which was written in ARM assembly.[2] After version 0.030 the project was taken over by notaz and ported to UIQ smartphones, GP2X, Gizmondo and Pandora. The source code was also rewritten in C, allowing for ports to Windows and PlayStation Portable.

Mega-CD and 32X games were later supported, using code from Gens. PicoDrive is also the first emulator to properly run Virtua Racing with its SVP chip.

The first Windows version of PicoDrive (1.40) was created to test SVP emulation. In February 2008, the ROMs for several Sega Pico prototypes were made available, enabling development on a Pico emulator to begin. Another version (1.45) of PicoDrive for Windows was released, which was able to run Pico games. While SVP emulation was added to the main PicoDrive, Pico emulation was not.

Third parties have also ported the emulator to Symbian OS, Nintendo DS (as PicoDriveDS), iPhone (as genesis4iphone) and RISC OS.



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1.91 (Pandora) (1.03 MB) (info)
1.56 (GP2X) (617 kB) (info)

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