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System(s): Discrete logic arcade
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Action

Number of players: 2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (discrete logic)
¥260,000[1] ?

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Pong-Tron (ポントロン) is a 1973 discrete logic arcade game produced by Sega. It is a clone of Atari's 1972 game, Pong built specifically for Japanese audiences.

Pong-Tron differs very little from Atari's offering, however this release is significant as it stands as Sega's first arcade game to incorporate a CRT monitor and thus be classed as a "video game". Prior to Pong-Tron's release, Sega had built its successes through electro-mechanical arcade games, pinball tables, slot machines and jukebox distribution.

Pong-Tron followed later in the year by the updated Pong-Tron II (and Hockey TV, another pseudo-Pong clone). The housing was also recycled for Balloon Gun. Sega's main competitor at the time, Taito, also released a similar Japanese clone in the form of Elepong, also in 1973.



650 mm (25.591")
1.56 m (61.417")
590 mm (23.228")

  • Mass: 79kg

Promotional material

PongTron DiscreteLogic JP Flyer.pdf

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PongTron DiscreteLogic JP Flyer.pdf