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Mega-CD version

Test mode (US)

PopfulMail MCD US TestMode1.png

PopfulMail MCD US TestMode2.png

PopfulMail MCD US TestMode3.png

PopfulMail MCD US TestMode4.png

PopfulMail MCD US TestMode5.png

On the menu screen, select 'Quit Game', highlight 'No' and press LeftRightLeftRightLeftRightRightRightA. This will add a 'Test Mode' option to the 'Utilities' menu which contains a sound test, music test and FMV test.

Test mode (Japan)[1]

PopfulMail MCD JP SS Testmode1.png

PopfulMail MCD JP SS Testmode2.png

PopfulMail MCD JP SS Testmode3.png

PopfulMail MCD JP SS Testmode4.png

On the menu screen, select ゲーム終了 and press LeftRightLeftRightRightA. This will add テストモード to the options screen.


Popful Mail

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