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Pre·Stage Co., Ltd. (株式会社プレ・ステージ) is a Japanese computer software company and former video game developer.


Founded on June 9, 1959, and officially incorporated on December 6, 1991, Pre·Stage was (and still remains) headed by Hiroshi Fujimoto (藤本浩史).[1]

Pre·Stage established a home console game development team around 1994.[2] Led by Double Dragon creator Yoshihisa Kishimoto (岸本良久), the team included a number of former staff from developers Technos Japan, Sting, and KID.[2] While much of this team left around 1998[2], the company still continued to produce mobile phone games and children's edutainment games for the next few years.[3]

Today, Pre·Stage is run by only two employees[1], and primarily works as a contract developer for computer software applications.[2]


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