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System C2 and Mega Drive versions

Prevent the CPU from dropping Puyos quickly

In Single Puyo Puyo mode, if either Left or Right are held on the second joystick/Control Pad during gameplay, the CPU will be unable to drop their Puyos quickly as long as the directions are held. With this in mind, the player can exploit this to hinder the CPU on earlier stages where the normal drop speed is slower.

If player 2 is the human player in Single Puyo Puyo mode, holding Left or Right on the first joystick/Control Pad achieves the same effect.

The Mega Drive version is a fork of the earlier System C2 version and so has the same bug. It also exists in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

Fixed in Rev. B of the System C2 version and Sega Ages Puyo Puyo.


Puyo Puyo

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