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Founded: 1982
Defunct: 1999

QuickShot was a brand of accessories which existed during the 1980s and early 1990s.

In 1982, US company Spectravision (later Spectravideo International (SVI)) produced what it claimed was the world's first ergonomic joystick for home computers, the QuickShot. The success of this device led to a range of QuickShot joysticks in the years which followed for a number of home systems, including the Sega Master System, with the QuickShot XV and QuickShot XVI.

However, a struggling Spectravideo, which was also in the business of producing home computers with its partners in Hong Kong, Bondwell, were forced to close its doors in 1985. This decision was made by Bondwell who at this point had a majority stake in Spectravideo, taking on its QuickShot assets in the process and moving all design and production to Hong Kong. Bondwell appear to have renamed themselves (or founded a new company) QuickShot Ltd. at some point.

With Bondwell now in control, the QuickShot brand re-emerged in the late 1980s with a wide variety of controllers. An odd naming scheme was adopted at this time - for example, its flagship Python 1 stick has some compatibility with home computers, the Python 1M is compatible with more, the Python 2 is for the NES, the Python 2B for the Super NES, the Python 3 for the Sega Mega Drive, Python 4 for the TurboGrafx-16 and Python 5 for the IBM PC.

Some of the Master System-compatible joysticks were adopted as official accessories in Brazil by Sega's distributor Tec Toy. The QuickShot brand has not been seen since 1999.

Accessories produced

As many computers and consoles used DE-9 ports for input, many, if not all of QuickShot's controllers can be used with a number of home computers from the era. Furthermore almost identical sets of controllers were produced for rival systems such as the NES. In the interests of simplicity Sega Retro classes all two button controllers as Sega Master System accessories, and all three button controllers as Sega Mega Drive ones.

Master System

Mega Drive