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Video game console emulator

System(s): Sega Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, SC-3000
OS: Windows, Linux
Developer: AamirM
Last release date: (14 years ago)
Last version: 0.972

Regen is a Sega Mega Drive emulator for Windows and Linux, developed by AamirM. It was written with high accuracy and compatibility in mind.


  • Main Motorola 68000 CPU emulation using Musashi, specially modified for Genesis emulation
  • Sound CPU Zilog Z80 emulated using RAZE
  • Highly accurate YM2612 emulation, with special High Quality mode
  • Very accurate SN76489 PSG (programmable sound generator) emulation
  • Stereo sound output
  • I/O ports emulated
  • Support for 6-button pads, Teamplayer, 4-way play, Menacer lightgun, J-Cart
  • Special Sega Virtua Processor (SVP) DSP chip supported; needed by Virtua Racing.
  • Serial EEPROM emulation
  • Emulation of special on-cartridge protection chips of unlicensed games
  • Save/load states in Genecyst format (used by Kega Fusion and Gens)
  • GameGenie/Hex/Pro Action Replay code support through cheat files
  • Full backup ram support
  • Kega Fusion plugin support
  • Zip and 7-Zip compressed ROMs supported
  • 68000 debugger
  • 68000 overclocking
  • Many other features


  • Scroll planes A and B with vertical scrolling
  • Window plane
  • Sprites
  • All sprite limitations
  • Sprite masking
  • Shadow/Highlight
  • Interlace mode
  • DMA transfer (all modes)
  • Accurate H/V timings
  • Accurate DMA timings
  • NTSC and PAL emulation
  • Sprite collision and sprite overflow flags
  • FIFO and VDP write timings


  • Only graphics plugins that scale the output by 2 are supported
  • No Sega Mega-CD support
  • No Sega 32X support
  • Konami Justifier and Mega/Sega Mouse are listed in the control preferences but do not work



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