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Resonance of Fate: Special Soundtrack
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Compact Disc

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Resonance of Fate: Special Soundtrack, known as End of Eternity Special Sound Track: Resonance of Sounds in Japan, is an album containing music from Resonance of Fate. It was only distributed as a pre-order bonus.

Track list

1. The Beginning of Eternity (1:58) 

2. Fighting With the Devil (2:37) 

3. The Truth (5:05) 

4. Resonance of Fate (3:47) 

5. Chandelier (2:12) 

6. Cranktown (2:07) 

7. Freud Remnants (4:16) 

8. Irruption (3:46) 

9. Battle to Pay the Debt (3:35) 

10. Fighting With the Devil - Another Version (2:37) 
Running time: 32:00

Physical scans

Album, JP
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Album, US

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