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SMS Plus
System(s): Sega Master System, Game Gear
OS: Windows, DOS, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Mac OS X, Linux, RISC OS, BeOS, GP32, Xbox, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita, Motorola EZX
Developer: Charles MacDonald; Gregory "Cyx" Montoir (SDL); vbt (Saturn); Denis "Dagolar" (Saturn); Pascal Bosquet, Heliophobe (Dreamcast); ss_teven (Dreamcast); Richard Teather (Windows); Richard Bannister (Mac OS X); Ulrich "Uli" Hecht (Linux); David McEwen (RISC OS); Carwyn "Caz" Jones (BeOS); Aj0, Godsmaze (GP32); XPort (Xbox); Nik (PlayStation 2); Francisco José García García (PlayStation Vita); cdfmr (Motorola EZX)
Programmed in: C
Last release date: (17 years ago)
Last version: 1.3

SMS Plus is an open-source Sega Master System and Game Gear emulator for DOS and Sony PlayStation, written by Charles MacDonald (developer of Genesis Plus). Version 0.9.3 was the last version released for the PlayStation. The most recent version, 1.3, was released on 11 February 2007 and added an official Windows port.

Third parties have written ports for the Sega Saturn (initially as SMS Emu), Dreamcast, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, RISC OS, BeOS (as BeSMSPlus), GP32 (as SMS32), Xbox (as SMS Plus-X), PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita (as SMSplusVITA), GameCube and Wii (as SMS Plus GX), and Motorola EZX. An SDL version was also developed by Gregory Montoir for Windows and Linux, with the name SMS Plus/SDL (or SMS+SDL).



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