Data Recorder SR-1000

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SR-1000 JP 1.jpg
Data Recorder SR-1000
Made for: SG-1000, SC-3000
Manufacturer: Sega
Type: Storage
Release Date RRP Code
¥9,8009,800[1] SR-1000
$99.0099.00 SR-1000

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Data Recorder SR-1000 (カセットデータレコーダ) is a cassette tape peripheral designed for the SC-3000 computer and SG-1000 console (with SK-1100 keyboard add-on), first released in 1983. It allows the system to run software distributed on cassette tape, one of the more popular storage mediums of the time.

It is similar to the Super Control Station SF-7000, though does not enhance the system's memory in any way, and deals with cassette tapes rather than 3-inch floppy disks. It was also significantly cheaper, as floppy disks were still expensive to produce.

Though the add-on is not really remembered by the gaming public, rumours state that there are over 180 different SG-1000 and SC-3000 cassette releases.

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Physical scans

SC-3000, JP
Data Recorder SR1000 JP Top.jpg
Data Recorder SR1000 JP Side.jpgSR1000 JP Box Front.jpg
SC-3000, AU

Data Recorder SR-1000 Operation Manual.pdf

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