Saeko-sensei no Oiroke Burakkujakku GG

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Saeko-sensei no Oiroke Burakkujakku GG
System(s): Sega Game Gear
Publisher: Game Impact
Genre: Card

Number of players: 1
Official in-game languages:
  • 日本語
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    Sega Game Gear

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    Saeko-sensei no Oiroke Burakkujakku GG (冴子先生のお色気ブラックジャックGG, lit. "Saeko-sensei's Sex Appeal Blackjack GG") is an aftermarket Sega Game Gear card game developed by Habit Soft and published by Game Impact. A port of the developer's titular Game Boy Color game "Saeko-sensei no Oiroke Burakkujakku GB", it was released exclusively in Japan in September 2021.[1]


    This game is based on character Saeko Techno from Adorable Angel! comic by Yu Minazuki, which was serialized 6 times in the Family Computer magazine, Famimaga in 1986.

    The character now was used in a card game full of the dealer's sensuality. The feature is that you can enjoy Saeko-sensei in various cosplay costumes, drawn by Yu Minazuki specially for this game.[1]


    This game have two game modes (Practice Mode and Normal Mode) that can be enjoyed by beginners to veterans.

    Blackjack rules

    The winner is the one whose total number of cards dealt to the dealer (Saeko-sensei) and the player is close to 21 at the maximum. If the player exceeds 21, they will be BUST and will lose.

    To avoid going BUST, the player should make full use of HIT, STAND and DOUBLE DOWN to increase the number of coins they have. When they reach a certain amount, Saeko-sensei's sex appeal screen will be displayed, and they can scroll arbitrarily with the D-Pad.

    Physical scans

    Game Gear, JP
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