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Saturn Sampler Audio CD
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Saturn Sampler Audio CD is an album containing music from a variety of Sega Saturn games. It was released exclusively with issue #39 of Mean Machines Sega.

Games represented include Sega International Victory Goal, Daytona USA, Thunderhawk II, Blam! Machinehead, Shellshock, Off-World Interceptor Extreme, Virtua Fighter, Sega Rally Championship and Shinobi X.

Track list

1. Sega Chant: Victory Goal (0:06) 
2. Chase the Wind: Victory Goal (3:09) 
3. King of Speed: Daytona USA (4:58) 
4. Title Music: Thunderhawk 2 (5:58) 
5. Devolve: Blam! Machinehead (4:09) 
6. Esoteric: Blam! Machinehead (4:14) 
7. Purple Sunshine: Blam! Machinehead (5:14) 
8. Track 4: Thunderhawk 2 (4:30) 
9. Track 2: Shellshock (5:08) 
10. Theme From Scorch: Off World Interceptor Extreme (2:47) 
11. Theme From Bastion: Off World Interceptor Extreme (2:47) 
12. Sarah's Theme: Virtua Fighter (5:08) 
13. Akira's Theme: Virtua Fighter (5:11) 
14. Ignition: Sega Rally (4:15) 
15. Title Music: Shinobi X (2:51) 
16. Stage 9 Music: Shinobi X (2:45) 
17. Everyone's a Hero: Victory Goal (2:13) 
Running time: 65:23

Physical scans

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