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Scavenger logo.png
Founded: 1994-09-26[1]
Defunct: 2003-09-15[2]
Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA, United States

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Scavenger, Inc. is a former video game publisher, unique in that it was made up of employees who formerly worked in the Commodore Amiga demoscene. The idea behind its conception was that employees were made up of underground talent of highly skilled self-taught coders. Teams working for Scavenger include Zyrinx, Lemon and Triton.

Scavenger closed its doors in 1998 after filing for bankruptcy. With it, went a fairly large amount of work-in-progress Sega Saturn games, many of which were considered to be at the cutting edge of innovation and graphics.

Scavenger games on Sega systems lack T-Series Codes, suggesting games may have been distributed or co-published by Sega.


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