Sega Jack

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SegaJack 1995-1.jpg
Sega Jack
Country of origin: Japan
Backed systems: Sega Mega Drive
First issue date: 199x-xx-xx
Last issue date: 1995-xx-xx
Number of issues: 5
Succeeded by: Sega Magazine

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Sega Jack (セガジャック) was an official Sega Japanese magazine started during 1995. Alongside its coverage of console and arcade games produced by the company, it placed specific emphasis on Sega's Amusement Theme Park venues (where it was distributed for free) and fan interaction, publishing readers' art and photos of merchandise collections. It was officially succeeded by Sega Magazine.

Back issues

Issue PDF Name Date Price Barcode Extras
1 SegaJack 1995-1.jpg 1995 No. 1 199x-xx-xx
2 SegaJack JP 1995-02 cover.jpg 1995 No. 2 1995-xx-xx
3 SegaJack JP 1995-03 cover.jpg 1995 No. 3 1995-xx-xx
4 SegaJack JP 1995-04 cover.jpg No. 4 1995-xx-xx
5 SegaJack JP 1995-05 cover.jpg No. 5 1995-xx-xx