Sega Swirl 2

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Sega Swirl 2
System(s): Windows PC
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Puzzle

Number of players: 1-4
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Sega Swirl 2 is a puzzle game developed by Scott Hawkins in association with Wilco Ibes Production, Sneaky Rabbit Studios and Elationware that was released by SEGA as an exclusive on the GameTap service. It is a sequel to Sega Swirl. It is currently very rare to find as there is next to no information about the game thanks to GameTap itself being discontinued and all its games lost.

Official description

The best of puzzle games combine a simple premise with gameplay that gets you hooked and keeps you coming back for more. SEGA Swirl 2 is just that -- clicking swirls is the easy part, but you'll be considering and reconsidering strategies for hours! Throw in new gameplay modes, variable colors, gravity-defying iterations and a soundtrack by Kynetic to make for an enduring puzzle classic.


The game features up to 5 colors in the board instead of the original 4. This sequel seems to be more comparable to the Dreamcast version of its prequel rather than the PC version, thanks to the update in graphics, added animations when clearing swirls/tiles, the presence of music (from Scott brother-in-law's band, Kynetic), and 4-player splitscreen. It also features a "Iterator style" setting, in which the position/gravity of swirls being dropped can be altered to various patterns. The game also seems to feature a "daily section" with special boards, like Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, Halloween, Independence Day, Rememberance Day, etc.


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