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Sega Vocal Entertainment
Record label: Tokuma Japan Communications
Release Date RRP Code
Compact Disc
¥2,913 (3,059)2,913 (3,059)[1] TKCA-71210

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Sega Vocal Entertainment is an album containing vocal tracks from various Sega Saturn games, including Astal, Clockwork Knight, Dragon Force, NiGHTS into Dreams and Victory Goal '96.

Track list

1. Let Me Try Again (4:46) 
From: Astal

2. Dreams Dreams (5:08) 
From: NiGHTS

3. Mirai (5:01) 
JP: 未来
EN: Future
From: Dragon Force

4. TRY!!! (4:23) 
From: Victory Goal Worldwide Edition

5. Clockwork Knight (2:35) 
From: Clockwork Knight

6. Dreams Dreams (Original Version) (5:45) 
From: NiGHTS
Vocals: Jasmine Ann Allen, Cameron Earl Strother

7. A Lullaby (4:41) 
From: Clockwork Knight

8. Kagayaku Sekai o (4:30) 
JP: 輝く世界を
EN: To a Shining World
From: Astal

9. Yuuki (4:33) 
JP: 勇気
EN: Courage
From: Dragon Force

10. Ikusen no Yoru o Koete (6:08) 
JP: 幾千の夜を越えて
EN: Overcoming a Thousand Nights
From: Victory Goal '96
Running time: 47:30

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