Sengoku Turb: Fanfan I love me Dunce-doublentendre

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Sengoku Turb: Fanfan I love me Dunce-doublentendre
System(s): Sega Dreamcast
Peripherals supported: Jump Pack, Dreamcast Modem, Visual Memory Unit, Dreamcast VGA Box
Genre: Miscellaneous (box says "Omnibus")

Number of players: 1-4
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Dreamcast
¥4,800 T-38805M

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Sengoku Turb: Fanfan I love me Dunce-doublentendre is a follow-up to Sengoku Turb, also released exclusively in Japan in 1999. It appears to be nothing more than a minigame collection hidden underneath the veil of an RPG.

Sega of Japan's catalogue page refers to the game as Sengoku Turb: Fanfan I love me Dance-doubletendre, correcting the misspelt "dance" but missing a letter from "entendre".[1] It also abbreviates the name to Sengoku Turb F.I.D..

Production credits

  • SENGOKU TURB Fanfan I♥me Dunce-doublentendre: Masao Masutani
  • Producer / Director / Game Design / Story / Program / Graphics / Voice: Yoko Kuroyanagi
  • Character Design / Scenario / Graphics / Voice: Harunobu Okubo
  • Music Compose / Sound Effect / Voice: Kazuhiko Tomizawa, Kazumi Okubo
  • Vocal: Jiro Aoyama
  • Director / Program: Hiroo Matsuda
  • Program: Nobuyuki Kihara, Naruki Sugeno
  • Graphics: Masahiro Saito, Kaori Hirayama
  • Music compose: Noriko Sato
  • Character Design / Graphics / Voice: Seiko Okuda
  • Graphics / Manual Design: Kuniyuki Takahashi
  • Publicity / Promotion / Special Thanks: Tetsuya Iguchi, Hideya Tsurumoto, Goro Fukagawa, Nobuyuki Ichimori, Kouji Suganuma, Takeyuki Oda
  • The Original: Masao Masutani, Yoko Kuroyanagi, Bio_100%
  • Supervisor: Masao Takeuchi
  • Executive Producer: Ataru Honsyo
NEC Home Electronics,Ltd.
qnep Co.,Ltd.
Source: In-game credits (JP)

Magazine articles

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Promotional material

SengokuTurbFID DC JP Flyer.pdf


DCM JP 19991126 1999-36ex.pdf

Print advert in Dreamcast Magazine (JP) #1999-36ex: "1999-36 extra (1999/11/26ex)" (1999-11-12)
also published in:

DCM JP 19991224 1999-39ex.pdf

Print advert in Dreamcast Magazine (JP) #1999-39ex: "1999-39 extra (1999-12-24ex)" (1999-12-10)

DCM JP 20000107 2000-01.pdf

Print advert in Dreamcast Magazine (JP) #2000-01: "2000-01 (2000-01-07,14)" (1999-12-24)

Physical scans

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