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Service Games, Japan
Founded: 1951-04[1][2][3][4]
Defunct: 1960-05-31[5]
87, 1-chome, Nishi Osaki[6], Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

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Service Games, Japan was the second branch of Service Games to be opened, following Service Games, Hawaii in 1946. Built on a distribution venture headed by Richard Stewart, the company came into fruition in April 1951 after mechanic Raymond Lemaire was sent from Service Games, Hawaii to explore the possibility of distributing coin-operated arcade games to post-War US military bases in Asia.

Strictly speaking the Japanese branch was operated by the the pair's partnership company, Lemaire & Stewart[7][8], however traded under the Service Games, Japan name (and occasionally Japan Service Games).

US gambling laws had caused many problems for the Hawaiian Service Games, but Service Games, Japan was far more successful in its endeavours, being able to create its own factories and distribution centres and essentially its own products, starting with Sega Bell slot machines, the first to use the abbreviated "Sega" (Service Games) name.

Service Games, Japan was liquidated[9] in May 1960[10], with its assets distributed between two new companies; Nihon Goraku Bussan (distribution company trading as "Uta Matic Inc.") and Nihon Kikai Seizo (manufacturing company trading as "Sega, Inc.")[9].


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