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For the Sega Mega Drive game originally planned to be released as "Soccer", see World Championship Soccer.


System(s): Electro-mechanical arcade
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Sports

Number of players: 2
Release Date RRP Code
Arcade (Electro-Mechanical)
$? ?

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Soccer is an electro-mechanical soccer game, similar to that of Mini Futbol and Segasa's Soccer. The game began shipping in late 1977[1], making it one of the last EM games Sega produced.

The playfield contains 24 "kick out" holes (like that of Basketball) with letter and color combinations with a corresponding set of letter and color buttons in front of each player. The player must be quick to best his opponent by selecting the correct button combinations to kick out the ball. The object of the game is to "kick" as many balls as possible into the opponent's goal. Each time a goal is scored, a new ball is automatically put into play from the "Kick Off" chute at the right.

Game time is adjustable from 1 to 3 minutes and a buzzer feature warns the player that game-over is nearing. A score by either player after this buzzer will automatically end the game.



800.1 mm (31.5")
1.194 m (47")
1.295 m (51")

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