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Sonic Cafe was an internet portal set up by Sonic Team to distribute software for Japanese mobile phones. It was initially launched in conjunction with the 503i series of i-mode phones on 26th January 2001[1][2]., and would continue to be updated for nearly seven years. Usually a new game would be launched every month, though other content was also provided, such as game-related images and ringtones.

A version for Vodafone Live! was launched on 16th June 2004[3] alongside six games, and would later get relevant content from Ulala no Channel J when that portal closed. Sonic Cafe would also later branch out onto EZweb in January 2005.

The portal was closed on December 1st 2007, being merged with the Sega Ages portal to form Puyo Puyo! Sega.

List of games

i-mode 503i

i-mode 504i

i-mode 505i

i-mode 90x

i-mode 70x

J-Sky (50KB)

J-Sky (100KB)

Vodafone Live! (256KB)

Vodafone Live! (3G)

EZweb (BREW 2.1)

EZweb (BREW 3.1)


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