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Formula 1

Williams-Renault Formula One Team (1993)

1993 saw Sega back the Williams F1 team during the 1993 Formula One World Championship. Their car for this season, the Williams FW15C was dominant during the year, leading team members Alain Prost to a world title and Damon Hill to third place (Ayrton Senna driving for Marlboro McLaren coming second).


1993 European Grand Prix

Team Lotus (1994)

In 1994 Sega (represented in Portugal by Ecofilmes) sponsored[1] Team Lotus Portuguese professional racing driver Pedro Lamy.


Minardi (1996)

In 1996[2] after finishing second[3] in the standings of the Italian Formula Three Championship[4] where he was Rookie of the Year[5], Portuguese racing driver João Barbosa (João Ricardo Coelho Barbosa[6][7]) was invited, for a test drive[8][5] in the Minardi M195B/Ford at Minardi by Italian motor racing magazine Rombo.

Team Jordan, Japanese Grand Prix (2002)

Sega sponsored Team Jordan's EJ12 car in the Japanese Grand Prix, held at Suzuka Circuit from October 11th to 13th, 2002[9]. At the time, Jordan was the home to the only Japanese driver of the season, although teammate Giancarlo Fisichella raced in a similar livery. Sato finished 5th but Fisichella was forced to retire.

Formula 3

Prema Powerteam[10]

André Couto (1995-1996-1997-1998)[10]


João Barbosa (1996)[10][5]

1996 Macau Grand Prix[14]

FIA Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup[15]

1996MacauGPFIAF3IntercontinentalCup1 (André Couto).jpg
André Couto drives his Dallara 396/Nova-Fiat at the 1996 Macau Grand Prix (FIA Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup)
Video Placeholder.svg
Coverage of the FIA Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup (1996 Macau Grand Prix)

1997 Macau Grand Prix[17]

FIA Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup[18]


1998 Macau Grand Prix[20]

FIA Formula 3 Intercontinental Cup

GP2 Series

Team Super Nova Racing (2005)

In 2005, before competing in the 2005 Le Mans Endurance Series, Japanese racing driver Hayanari Shimoda made a series of test drives[21] with team Super Nova Racing and was set to be its second driver in the GP2 Series during that year, however he was replaced at the last minute by Northern Irish racing driver Adam Carroll who would partner Italian racing driver Giorgio Pantano.

Formula Atlantic

1997 Atlantic Championship[22]

RDS Motorsport

In 1997[23][24][3][25], still under the sponsorship of Sega, Portuguese racing driver João Barbosa[26] (João Ricardo Coelho Barbosa[6][7]), competed in the Formula Atlantic Championship with Canadian-American[27] team RDS Motorsport[28], founded in 1989[29] by Italian-born entrepreneur Alfredo Rizza di Sardi[30][31] and his wife Filipino-born ex-jazz singer[32][33], actress[34][35][36][37] and television presenter[38] Nelda Rizza di Sardi[31] (née Lopez[32][33]), mother[39] of Filipino pop singer and social activist Leah Navarro[40], where he finished 7th in the standings and was '97 Formula Atlantic Rising Star[41][5].

American open-wheel car racing

1992 PPG Indy Car World Series

Dick Simon Racing

Brazilian racing driver Raul Boesel and Japanese racing driver Hiroyuki "Hiro" Matsushita of team Dick Simon Racing were both sponsored by Sega in 1992 during the 1992 PPG Indy Car World Series.

Raul Boesel
Hiro Matsushita

Touring cars

Holden Commodore VH - Bathurst 1984

Gibson Motorsport (Australia; 1996)

1996 Macau Grand Prix[2]

Toyota Carina E Trophy

1996 Macau Grand Prix Toyota Carina E Trophy (João Barbosa).jpg
João Barbosa of Portugal drives his Toyota Carina at the 1996 Macau Grand Prix (Toyota Carina E Trophy)
1996MacauGrandPrixToyotaCarinaETrophy (João Barbosa).jpg
João Barbosa at the 1996 Macau Grand Prix (Toyota Carina E Trophy)
Video Placeholder.svg
Coverage of the 1996 Toyota Carina E Trophy (1996 Macau Grand Prix)

1997 RAC Tourist Trophy[57]

Williams Renault Dealer Racing

Video Placeholder.svg
Coverage of the 1997 RAC Tourist Trophy
Alain Menu
Jason Plato

1998 Italian Superturismo Championship

Italian Promotorsport

Portuguese race driver Miguel Ramos, competed in the 1998 Italian Superturismo Championship racing for Italian team "Italian Promotorsport", in which he was sponsored by Sega.

Chamberlain Engineering (1998)

In 1998, Sega sponsored Portuguese racing drivers Ni Amorim, Gonçalo Gomes and Manuel Mello-Breyner of team Chamberlain Engineering.

1998 24 Hours of Le Mans


1998 FIA GT Championship

1998 FIA GT Oschersleben 500km
1998 FIA GT Silverstone 500km[63]
1998 FIA GT Dijon 500km[64]

Team Konrad Motorsport / Team Chrysler Viper (1999)

Portuguese racing driver Ni Amorim, currently the president[65] of the Portuguese Automobile and Karting Federation (FPAK - Federação Portuguesa de Automobilismo e Karting), competed, under the sponsorship of Sega, in the Spanish GT Championship 1999[66][67] with Team Konrad Motorsport[68] in round one and with Team Chrysler Viper[68] (Chrysler España) in rounds three, four, five and six. .

Spanish GT Championship 1999

Zytek Motorsport (2005)

In 2005, Sega sponsored Danish racing drivers John Nielsen and Casper Elgaard and Japanese racing driver Hayanari Shimoda of team Zytek Motorsport in the 2005 1000 km of Spa endurance race, the opening race of the 2005 Le Mans Endurance Series, where they would emerge as winners. Zytek Motorsport would finish 2nd in the LMP1 class standings of the Teams Championships in that year.

2005 Le Mans Endurance Series

Paul Ricard Le Mans Series Test[69][70]
2005 1000 km of Spa

Portuguese National Rally Championship[74]

Rally de Portugal 2005[75]

Video Placeholder.svg
Coverage of Stage 8 (Almodôvar, Beja, Portugal) of Rally de Portugal 2005 on RTP3; Pedro Chaves - Nuno Silva (#12; + 22:30), José Fontes - Fernando Prata (#19; + 28:03)

Pedro Matos Chaves[76]

José Pedro Fontes[77]


Pedro Matos Chaves

Rali Vinho da Madeira 2005[79] (ERC)

Rallye Casinos do Algarve 2005[80]

Rallye Centro de Portugal 2005[81]

Pedro Matos Chaves[82]

José Pedro Fontes[83]

Rallye Casinos do Algarve 2006[84][85]

Rallye Centro de Portugal 2006[86]

Rali de Mortágua 2006[87]

World Sportscar Championship

Porsche Kremer Racing (Sandown 1000 course) (1984)

Super GT

Kondo Racing

2011 Super GT Series (GT500)

2012 Super GT Series (GT500)

2013 Super GT Series (GT500)


  • Mark Dilley (1994/1995)


  • Danica Patrick (2012)


1991 CIK-FIA World Karting Championship (Le Mans)[88][89][90][91]

In 1991 Sega sponsored[92][93][94][95] the 1991 CIK-FIA Championships[96][97], jointly organized by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (Automobile Club of the West, the largest automotive group in France), the Fédération Française du Sport Automobile (French Federation of Automobile Sport), the Commission Internationale de Karting (the primary international sanctioning body for kart racing), the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (International Automobile Federation) and French advertising agency Agence Kangourou, which were held at the Circuit Alain Prost karting circuit[98][99] situated to the heart of Circuit de la Sarthe, in Le Mans, France from September 13 trough September 15, 1991[100][101][92][93][94][95] before an audience of 17.000[99] people attending the event.

To promote the brand, Sega France provided a shuttle dubbed Sega In Action[102], equipped with Mega Drive, Master System and Game Gear consoles with several video games which visitors could play at no charge.

French magazine Mega Force promoted[103][104] a quiz contest in August 1991 in which readers had to answer two questions on a bulletin published on the July/August issue of the magazine and mail it back to Mega Force magazine Editorial Board to have a chance to win up to twenty karting initiation internships, five invitations to the 1991 CIK-FIA World Karting Championship, thirty Sega sweatshirts and up to one hundred compact discs with the best Sega tunes.

Drivers parade of the 1991 CIK-FIA World Karting Championship led by Mr. René Leret[105][106], the then President of ASK ACO - Association Sportive de Karting de l'Automobile Club de l'Ouest (Karting Sports Association of the Automobile Club of the West), creator[107][108] of the Circuit Alain Prost karting circuit (designed by his son Gérard Leret and inaugurated on May 30, 1976[109] as Circuit Maison Blanche[110]) and one of the first great founders of karting in France
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (Sweden).jpg
Swedish racing drivers
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (France).jpg
The team of French Formula A and Formula K racing drivers
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (FrenchDrivers).jpg
French racing drivers
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (Jean-Marie Balestre).jpg
French auto racing executive administrator Jean-Marie Balestre (centre), the then President of the Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile (FISA) and the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) with the team of track marshals of the 1991 CIK-FIA World Karting Championship
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (KangourouAdvertisingAgency).jpg
From left to right, Christian, Françoise, Hervé and Thierry Germanovitch[111][112][113] of French advertising agency Agence Kangourou, promotor and one of the organizers of the event
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (Reporters Cup).jpg
The podium finishers of the "Reporters Cup", from left to right, Caroline Police of Course Auto magazine, Laurent Cardon of AVP magazine and Richard Micoud of Auto Hebdo magazine
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (VIPTribune).jpg
The VIP tribune
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (ChristianPrudhomme, LionelFroissard, XavierPompidou).jpg
From left to right, French journalist Christian Prudhomme, French sports journalist Lionel Froissart and French racing driver Xavier Pompidou
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (TheNewOldJazzCorporation).jpg
French band Old Jazz Corporation[114][115]
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (PressPhotographers).jpg
Press photographers
Hostesses girls of the 1991 CIK-FIA World Karting Championship
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (SegaInActionShuttle).jpg
The Sega In Action[116] shuttle (designed[117] by Belgian designer and architect Stéphane Donnet[118])
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (RacingKartBuffo).jpg
The stand of French company Racing Kart Buffo, a service provider which works in the sports and leisure sectors and a former importer of motorsport related apparel and accessories (Yamaha, Swiss Hutless, Bridgestone, etc.)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (Resma).jpg
The stand of Resma, Italian manufacturer and provider of racing gear
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (Kart'One).jpg
The stand of French karting magazine Kart'One
The Circuit Maison Blanche[110] karting circuit as seen in 1976, later renamed Circuit Alain Prost (not to be confused with the Circuit Maison Blanche motorsports race course)
CircuitAlainProst (Le Mans).jpg
Circuit Alain Prost
Circuit Alain Prost (September 1991)

Formula A

1991 CIK-FIA World Karting Championship 1991-09-15.jpg
From left to right, Guy Smith[119] (UK), Formula A 1991 European[120][121] and World Champion[96][121] Alessandro Manetti[122] (IT) and João Barbosa[123][124][125][5] (PT)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (GuySmith, AlessandroManetti, JoãoBarbosa; Formula A).jpg
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (AlessandroManetti, Formula A).jpg
Alessandro Manetti (IT)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship3 (Formula A).jpg
"Weighing out" before the race
Alessandro Manetti 1991 (IT).jpg
Alessandro Manetti (IT) drives his Tony Kart[121][126]/Rotax/BS kart at the 1991 CIK-FIA World Karting Championship (Le Mans, September 15, 1991)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (GuySmith, AlessandroManetti; Formula A).jpg
Guy Smith (UK) and Alessandro Manetti (IT)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (Formula A).jpg
Ralph Firman (UK), Bas Leinders (BE), Didier André (FR) and Geoffroy Horion (BE)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship4 (Formula A).jpg
Daniele Parrilla (IT), Beat Kolb (CH), Sébastien Philippe (FR) and Cesare Balistreri (IT)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship2 (Formula A).jpg
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship1 (Formula A).jpg
Alessandro Manetti1 1991 (IT).jpg
AlessandroManetti Tony Kart-Rotax-BS Kart.jpg
Alessandro Manetti's Tony Kart[126]/Rotax/BS kart
AlessandroManetti Tony Kart-Rotax-BS Kart Front.jpg
AlessandroManetti Tony Kart-Rotax-BS Kart Back.jpg
Video Placeholder.svg
Coverage of the Formula A Final on Dutch Eurosport

Formula K

1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship1 (MassimilianoOrsini, JarnoTrulli, KennethKristensen; Formula K).jpg
From left to right, Massimiliano Orsini (IT), Formula K 1991 World Champion[97][127] Jarno Trulli (IT) and Kenneth Kristensen (DK)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (MassimilianoOrsini, JarnoTrulli, KennethKristensen; Formula K).jpg
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (Formula K).jpg
Formula K drivers at the starting grid
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (PierreRedeker, Formula K).jpg
Pierre Redeker (NL)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (Jean-JacquesMalevaut, Formula K).jpg
Jean-Jacques Malevaut (FR)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (GertMunkholm, Formula K).jpg
Gert Munkholm (DK)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (CharlotteHellberg, Formula K).jpg
Charlotte "Lotta" Hellberg[128] (SE)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (WilsonMaruy, Formula K).jpg
Wilson Maruy (PE)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship1 (WilsonMaruy, Formula K).jpg
Wilson Maruy (PE)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship2 (WilsonMaruy, Formula K).jpg
Wilson Maruy (PE)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (TeruakiMatsukura, Formula K).jpg
Teruaki Matsukura (JP)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship1 (TeruakiMatsukura, Formula K).jpg
Teruaki Matsukura (JP)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship1 (CyrilKotylak, Formula K).jpg
Cyril Canon-Kotylak (FR)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (CyrilKotylak, Formula K).jpg
Cyril Canon-Kotylak (FR)
1991 CIK-FIA World Karting Championship1 1991-09-15.jpg
Jarno Trulli (IT) and Massimiliano Orsini (IT)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (JosVerstappen, PierreRedeker; Formula K).jpg
Jos Verstappen (NL) and Pierre Redeker (NL)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (KennethKristensen, CharlotteHellberg; Formula K).jpg
Kenneth Kristensen (DK) and Charlotte "Lotta" Hellberg (SE)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (DaniloRossi, ChristopheVassort; Formula K).jpg
Danilo Rossi (IT) and Christophe Vassort (FR)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship2 (Formula K).jpg
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship4 (Formula K).jpg
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship3 (Formula K).jpg
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship1 (Formula K).jpg
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship (GiancarloFisichella, JosVerstappen; Formula K).jpg
Crash between Giancarlo Fisichella (IT) and Jos Verstappen (NL) in the Formula K Pre-Final[129] of the 1991 CIK-FIA World Karting Championship (September 15, 1991)
Video Placeholder.svg
Coverage of the Formula K Final on Dutch Eurosport

Promotional material

L'Équipe FR 1991-09-11, FrontPage.png
Print advert on the front page of the September 11, 1991 edition of the French sports newspaper L'Équipe


1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship FR OfficialPoster.jpg
Official Poster
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship FR VIPPass.jpg
VIP Pass
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship1 FR Sticker.jpg
Sticker (1)
1991CIK-FIAWorldKartingChampionship FR Sticker.jpg
Sticker (2)
LeMans91 Badge1.jpg
LeMans91 Badge.jpg

Go Kart Legends (2015)

Australian ex-karting driver Chris Uhlhorn competed under the sponsorship of Sega in the inaugural Australian Go Kart Legends Nationals, held on September 5, 2015[130] at Stony Creek Circuit[131] in Melbourne, Australia where he finished 3rd in the standings of the "Era 5 Vintage" category.

GoKartLegends 2015 (ChrisUhlhorn).jpg
GoKartLegends1 2015 (ChrisUhlhorn).jpg
GoKartLegends5 2015 (ChrisUhlhorn).jpg
GoKartLegends6 2015 (ChrisUhlhorn).jpg
GoKartLegends2 2015 (ChrisUhlhorn).jpg
GoKartLegends3 2015 (ChrisUhlhorn).jpg
GoKartLegends4 2015 (ChrisUhlhorn).jpg
GoKartLegends 2015 (ChrisUhlhorn Kart).jpg
Video Placeholder.svg
Promotional Video[132]

Motorbike racing

Team Blue Fox (1993)

Sega sponsored Team Blue Fox, consisting of Japanese riders Norifumi "Norick" Abe and Kenichiro Iwahashi at the 1993 Zen Nihon Road Race (1993年全日本ロードレース) in the 500cc category. Abe would emerge as champion that year.

Norifumi Abe

Kenichiro Iwahashi

Team Sega Suzuki (1996)

As a cross promotion with Manx TT Super Bike, Sega sponsored the Suzuki team during the 1996 Isle of Man TT, taking place between the 27th May and 7th June[133]. "Team Sega Suzuki" entered two GSX-R750T bikes with custom Sega liveries[133], one driven by then four-times winner Jim Moodie[134] and the other by Shaun Harris.

The two bikes were aesthetically different, one red and white, and the other black with Sega (and Sega Saturn) logos. Both are unlockable in the Saturn port of Manx TT, as is the winning bike, the Honda RVF750 RC45.

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