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Starfish-SD logo.png
Founded: 1994-04
Defunct: 2023
T-series code: T-461
Tokyo, Japan

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Starfish (スターフィッシュ), formally Starfish-SD, was a Japanese game developer founded in 1994 by HOT-B staff shortly after that company went bankrupt. It owns all HOT-B intellectual property (and has occasionally revisited it in some form, such as with the The Black Bass series, the Game Boy Advance port of The Steel Empire, etc.) in addition to making its own games in many different genres and publishing others.


In August 2023, the arcade game Chuka Taisen (中華大仙) was announced to be one of the 10 games that will be included in the Egret II Mini Arcade Memories Vol.2 SD card.[1] Chuka Taisen (also known as Cloud Master) was one of the HOT-B intellectual properties owned by Starfish-SD.

In 2023, the company's official website was shutdown.


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