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  • Character Design: ©Sega
  • Game Design: K3, LR
  • Graphic: Mt. Emerald, Show
  • Sound: Chikayo, Kazunechan
  • Programming: AT-AT, Captain Alice, Bryan
  • Thanks to: Monty, Ezachan, Mr. Rental, Fine-Twig, SIMS All Staff, JSH All Staff, and You.
In-game credits[1]


Alice Kagamino

  • Main programmer.
  • Created the development tools for the original version of the game that was intended for an unannounced, unreleased system[2].
  • Wrote an API to translate data from the unreleased system to Game Gear format[3].

Music credits

ID Description Credits Used Comments
01 Rail Canyon Area Yes
02 Ruin Wood Area part 1 Yes
03 Ruin Wood Area part 2 Yes
04 Metal Island Area Yes
05 Dark Castle Area Yes
06 Hocke-Wulf Yes
07 Bearenger Yes
08 Carrotia Yes
09 Witchcart Yes
10 Continue Yes
11 Staff roll Yes
12 Game Over Yes
13 Death Yes
14 Muteki Star Yes
15 Opening Yes
16 Area clear Yes
17 Title screen Yes
18 Training Area Yes
19 Sega logo Yes


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Tails' Skypatrol

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