Tatsuhiko Fuyuno

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Tatsuhiko Fuyuno
Place of birth: Yokohama, Japan[1]
Date of birth: 1964-06-01[1] (age 59)
Employment history:
Prime Direction
Role(s): Composer, Musician

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Tatsuhiko "Boost" Fuyuno (冬野 竜彦), born 1 June 1964, is a musician formerly employed by Prime Direction (a music publishing company created by Avex Group) that worked with AM Annex on Sega Rally 2, for which he served as lead music composer. He also contributed to the official re-arrangement album for the game along with the company's other two involved music composers (Susumu "Low Dog" Isa and Tetsuya "Little Wing" Yamamoto).

Outside of Sega, Fuyuno also created music for the anime OAV Initial D: Extra Stage, which was produced by Prime Direction along with the rest of the Initial D series anime adaptations.

Fuyuno has also created music for the anime Hikaru no Go (arranged closing theme 5 - "Music Is My Thing"), the PC title Argonauts (as an employee of Orizzonte Records), arranged a song performed by Aiko Kayou ("Step Back In Time") and arranged a closing theme used for an episode of Gunslinger Girl -Il Teatrino- ("Scarborough Fair").

Production history



Song credits

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Sega Rally 2 (Arcade version)

  • Go Go! Sega Rally — Sound Produced, Music & Arrangement
  • Euro Fight!! — Sound Produced, Music & Arrangement
  • Go Go! Sega Rally <Instrumental Mix> — Sound Produced, Music & Arrangement
  • Insert Jungle — Sound Produced, Music & Arrangement
  • MNF? — Sound Produced, Music & Arrangement
  • Night Groovin' — Sound Produced, Music & Arrangement