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Artist: Remute


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System(s): Sega Mega Drive
Release Date RRP Code
Sega Mega Drive
33.33€[1] ?

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Technoptimistic is an album on a Mega Drive cartridge by Hamburg-based chiptune artist Remute (real name: Denis Karimani). The album was only available as a bare Mega Drive cartridge, without a box. Remute however provided a semi-official cover to select buyers, and community members have created their own.

Track list

The album contains 14 music tracks, 2 bonus tracks[2], and a music video of Red Eyes.

1. Eine Demokratie (1:56) 

2. A Warm Feeling Of Total Immersion (3:19) 

3. Instant (3:04) 

4. Obsolete (Trust) (3:19) 

5. Master And Sync (3:27) 

6. The Right To Be Forgotten (1:09) 

7. Knuddelz (3:19) 

8. Red Eyes (2:49) 

9. Jo Coin (2:33) 

10. Market Research (2:18) 

11. Robo Knife (3:04) 

12. Microworld (2:49) 

13. Controlled Meltdown (1:55) 

14. When You're Down (2:34) 

15. Deepfake (Bonus Track 1) (2:37) 

16. Debug (Bonus Track 2) (2:29) 
Running time: 42:41

Magazine articles

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